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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

May 26, 2020

How to Increase Instant Articles CPM From Low to High

If you want to earn from Facebook officially then Facebook instant articles are the best way to do that. Now pages having the huge number of followers are earning from Facebook instant articles. You must have a website and Facebook page to set instant articles.

Many of website publishers not yet earning from instant articles and they want to know how much they can earn from instant articles? Is it better than AdSense? If your website traffic comes from your Facebook page then you must monetize page with instant articles. Instant articles earning depend on CPM. Instant article CPM is varies based on various factors.

CPM is nothing but earning per 1000 ad impressions. In Facebook Instant articles you get paid according to ad views/ad impressions, it is unlike Adsense where you get paid only when someone clicks on the ad. Here in this article, we will see how to increase Instant Articles CPM from High to Low.

How much should be Instant Articles CPM?

This is the most common question asked frequently. There are many factors which decide CPM. Normally CPM in range 3 – 4$ is considered as best. But many publishers unable to get CPM like this.
Because CPM changes according to country, audience, niche, content and many more things. So you should expect your CPM considering all these factors. In the USA average, CPM is around 3$. in Asian countries CPM is low. In India average CPM is 0.5 – 0.8$. In a technology niche, you may expect 1$ CPM in India.

How To Increase Instant Articles CPM?

As we already discussed Instant articles CPM is dependent on various factors. Out of which few factors are in our hand. If you write in a niche like technology or finance then it will show ads related to technology or finance. For these ads, your CPM will be high compared to another niche.
Here are some figures about Facebook instant articles earning. Your one day earning is calculated using impressions and average CPM on that day.

You can see that CPM varies every day. It is because of variation in content and targeted audience. search history of the targeted audience is also one of factor which increases or decrease CPM. So based on various factors, CPM decided automatically. If you want high CPM then write in high CPM niche and your audience should also have a search history related to high CPM niche. then you will get high CPM.
As we know earnings in instant articles not depend on ad click but CTR may be also one of the factors for CPM. As per our observation whenever your CTR is good you get a high observation, but it is just to guess. Using high CPC word in your content will also give you high CPM.

Monday, May 25, 2020

May 25, 2020

How to Set Facebook Instant Articles With WordPress Plugin

Everyone wants to set up Facebook instant articles for their website and Facebook page. Website publishers want to access the power of instant articles to reach more people on Facebook. With the feature of high-speed loading facebook, instant articles became favourite for all content publisher.

Many of then already completed set up for Facebook instant articles successfully but many content publishers are struggling to set up Facebook instant articles as there is no clear guide from Facebook. Here we will see how to set up a Facebook instant articles WordPress plugin for Wordpress site.


Official WordPress Plugin for Instant Articles by Facebook

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world which is free and open source. It is very simple to create and manage a website on the WordPress platform.

That is why WordPress is reportedly the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the Web, supporting more than 60 million websites. It is nearly about 25% of the total websites available on the web.
Keeping these things in mind Facebook has published a dedicated plugin to set up Facebook Instant articles with WordPress. Facebook Instant Articles WordPress Plugin can be installed for any WordPress website. This plugin is very simple to use and help you to set up instant articles WordPress site without any coding. See how to set Facebook instant articles WordPress plugin step by step.

Installing Facebook Instant Articles WordPress plugin

the installation process for Facebook instant articles WordPress is very simple just like any other plugin.
  • Go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on plugins.
  • Click on add new plugin on the right side you will see the search bar.
  • Search for ” Instant Articles for WP ” and it will show instant article plugin.
  • Install that plugin and activate it.
  • After activating you will see the new option as ” Instant Articles ” on your left-hand sidebar.


Set up Facebook Instant Articles WordPress Plugin

This plugin helps you to set up instant articles for your website. You must access publishing tools for your page to set up instant articles. Once you access publishing tools your page id will be generated automatically.

There are three main parts in Facebook Instant Articles WordPress Plugin you must set it properly. You must set Facebook Page id, Analytics and advertisement section of the plugin to publish instant articles and show ads on that.


Set Facebook Page id in Instant Articles WordPress Plugin

This is a necessary setting to connect your Facebook page to a Wordpress site.

  • First access publishing tools for your Facebook page.
  • To access publishing tools go to login with your Facebook credentials. Then Select your page and access publishing tools for that page.
  • After accessing the publishing tool go to the configuration tab at left hand. Under configuration click on connect your site. You will see your Facebook page id.
  • Then go to the Wordpress admin dashboard of your site. Click on instant article plugin at the left-hand side.
  • Paste your Facebook page id at the beginning.
  • Now go to publishing tools type your website URL and click on claim URL.
  • Your website is now successfully connected with Facebook page.


Set Advertisement in Instant Articles WordPress Plugin

After claiming site URL and putting feed URL you have to submit articles for review. After reviewing facebook will approve you to publish the instant article. After getting approved and publishing instant articles now it is time to earn from your instant articles.

You can monetize with ads from Facebook audience network ads of you can use third-party ads. To put any ads on instant articles you must configure the Advertisement section from Facebook instant article WordPress plugin. Let’s see how to set an advertisement section in Facebook instant articles WordPress plugin.
Ad placement with WP plugin
  • To set the advertisement you need placement id for ads.
  • To get placement id go to Audience network dashboard from your publishing tools, then go to placement, create ad placement and you will get placement id, copy it.
  • Now go to instant article plugin in WordPress. Then scroll to the advertisement section written as Ads in the plugin.
  • Under Ads choose ads type. choose the Facebook audience network as an ad type.
  • Then put your Audience Network Placement id copied from audience network dashboard.
  • Select ads dimension.
  • You have set up an advertisement for Facebook instant articles successfully.


Set up Analytics for Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles open on the Facebook app there for website publisher can not track visitors for instant articles as they don't visit websites. But With the use of Facebook instant articles WordPress plugin and modified analytics code, you can track Visitors of instant articles in your google analytics.
We have covered a detailed post on how to set up google analytics for Facebook instant articles. Let's see in short Analytics set up using instant article plugin.
  • Go to analytics section of plugin and click on enable custom code.
  •  Then you have to copy and paste your analytics track code inside <script> —</script>
  • But to track visitors of instant articles you have to modify your code.
  • Replace ‘————‘ with your analytics tracking id.
  • Save it. After a few hours now you can see traffic sources as social instant articles in analytics.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

May 24, 2020

Facebook Instant Articles Revenue Overveiw 2020

Facebook Instant Articles Revenue: Facebook Instant Articles is not new to the publisher now. Many publishers already using Facebook instant articles to publish content and distribute across Facebook. As of now, everyone has understood the basics of Facebook instant articles. If you are a beginner then you can read our articles on instant articles basic set up.

Today we will discuss Facebook Instant Articles Revenue. If you want to increase your Instant Articles revenue then keep reading this article. It may be a debatable topic that How much revenue one can generate using Facebook instant articles.

Instant Articles feature was launched by Facebook especially for news publisher who constantly publish new content on the internet. With the feature of Instant Articles, it has become easier for a news publisher to serve content to the audience on Facebook. Facebook has published many case studies on Facebook Instant Articles Revenue. 

In the case of studies, they have shown how leading news publishers using instant articles to increase their revenue. Facebook wants more publisher to use instant articles and therefore they are attracting AdSense publishers by showing facebook instant articles revenue statistics of a giant new publisher. Here you will see how much revenue you can generate practically using Facebook instant articles.

Facebook Instant Articles Revenue in Reality 

So how much money you can make from Facebook instant articles. This question in everyone’s mind who are using or willing to use instant articles. Here we will decode all myths and secretes of Facebook Instant Articles Revenue. From outside it looks like an easy earning option for newbies.

Many of publisher think that having more page likes means having more Facebook instant articles revenue. Here is myth buster, those who have zero page likes can also earn more than those having more than 1 lacs page likes. Yes, you heard it right! After the launch of this instant articles feature everyone started to create pages to build an audience. But many people are earning more without having page likes by sharing articles in groups. Facebook Instant Articles Revenue depends on the reach of your article across Facebook.

Bored panda which is the Facebook page of community of leading art, design and photography said that they are getting 2x CPM through Facebook audience network ads. Facebook Instant Article Revenue of Bored Panda for the first month was 50k$.

But it is not cased with everyone. Some news publishers are not much impressed by Facebook instant articles revenue and in their opinion, it is better to send traffic to the website from Facebook instead of monetizing it with instant articles and audience network. Problem with them was CPM of instant articles.

Facebook Instant articles Revenue is dependent on CPM and ad impression of instant articles. So if you are getting less CPM you can not generate more instant articles revenue even though you are getting more ad impression.

So How Much Facebook Instant Articles Revenue you can Generate 

Here we will discuss factors on which Facebook Instant Articles Revenue is dependent. There are mainly two factors which affect instant articles revenue more than any other factors. Total facebook Instant Articles Revenue calculated by considering CPM and ad impressions of instant articles.

Let say, If you are getting 10k ad impressions in a day from all your published instant articles and average eCPM of the day is 0.5$ then facebook Instant articles Revenue of that day is total 5$. Because CPM means earnings per thousand ad impressions so if you are getting 10k ad impression and with 0.5$ CPM you get 0.5$ for 1k ad impressions.

So for total 10k ad impressions, your earning is 10*0.5=5$. From this, you can understand that how much Facebook instant articles revenue you can generate. If you have more reach across Facebook and your instant article has good click rate then your ad impression will be also more.

So if you are getting a good amount of ad impressions and good CPM then you can generate descent Facebook Instant Articles Revenue. Now increasing reach and ad impression is in our hand by sharing articles in the group, by increasing page likes but CPM is decided by Facebook. CPM depends on various factors like your niche and countries from which you are getting an ad impression.
 Read our article on how to increase Facebook instant CPM from low to high. Once you increase ad impressions and increase CPM then your Facebook Instant Articles revenue will automatically increase.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

May 23, 2020

How to Set up Facebook Instant Articles for Blogger 2020 [*100% working*]

Instant Articles for Blogger: Everyone wants to access the power of instant articles to monetize their site and Facebook page. If you don’t know What is Facebook instant articles? then click here. Many bloggers have already connected their blog with instant articles.

To set up instant articles you must have one website and one Facebook page. As you know WordPress is a very popular platform for blogging. More than 27% of websites in the world use WordPress platform. Taking that into consideration Facebook launched a special plugin to set up instant articles on WordPress blog.

Because of plugin support, it is very easy to set up instant articles for WordPress blog. But there are many bloggers in the world which uses Blogspot or blogger platform for their website or blog. own by google which provides free hosting and platform for website or blog. As it provides free hosting, there are thousands of website hosted on blogger.

But blogger platform doesn’t provide plugin support. Now many bloggers who use blogger or Blogspot platform want to connect blog and Facebook page with instant articles. Many of then not able to set up instant articles for blogger blog as there is no dedicated plugin so here we are giving step-wise process to set up Facebook instant articles for blogger.

To set up Facebook instant articles for the blogger you must have Facebook page and blog hosted on Blogger or Blogspot
Follow the stepwise procedure on how to set up a blog for instant articles is given give below.


Step 1: Sign up with instant articles 

  • Click here to sign up with instant articles
  • After sign up, it will show Facebook pages owned by your account.
  • Select Page which you want to use for instant articles.
  • Click on access publishing tools tab and after that, you will find publishing tools which will help you to set up instant articles.


Step 2: Connect your site with your Facebook page 

  • Go to your page => Publishing Tools.
  • In publishing tools, under Instant articles, you will find different options like configuration, Production articles, Development articles.
  • Click on the configuration. then different tools.
  • Click on connect your site to connect.
  • To connect your site, add the meta tag given to the <head> tag in your website’s HTML, then enter the URL of your site in the field below.
  • To add this meta tag to your blogger site go to Blogger dashboard => Theme = > Edit Html. In HTML code paste code containing FB page id just below <head>.
  • Enter URL of your site and click on claim URL.
  • Now you will see the message that your URL has been claimed successfully.


Step 3: Connect your website’s RSS feed for Instant Articles

Facebook will automatically fetch data from your website once you add your website’s RSS feed to instant article publishing tool production RSS feed. RSS feed format for the blogger website is different than the WordPress site. After providing RSS feed URL your new blog post will be automatically fetched into instant articles which you can see under the production article tab. To add RSS feed URL for blogger follow these steps.
  • First, go to your blogger dashboard and make sure your blogger posts feed is set to full.
  • To check this go to Blogger dashboard => Setting => other => site feed.
  • Allow blog feed must be full.
  • After this now go to Facebook page publishing tools.
  • Configuration=> production rss feed.
  • In production RSS feed enter URL given below.
  • Just put your website name at the place of ” Yoursitename”. and click on save.


Step 3: Add Logo and submit for review

  • After adding production feed URL you will see your blog posts in Publishing tools => Production article.
  • Now it is time to submit your articles for review. But it will give an error if you submit for review without adding the logo.
  • To add logo Click here and follow steps.
  • Now after adding logo go to publishing tools => configuration => submit for review.
  • Click on submit. you must have more than 5 articles to submit for review.
  • Now it will review your articles and your instant articles will be approved within 3-4 days.
  • After getting approval now you can start publishing your instant articles.
  • To know how to publish or unpublished instant articles See image below.
  • how to publish and unpublish instant articles
  • When the status of the article is “live”, wherever you post the link of that article on Facebook it will open as the instant article.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

May 21, 2020

How to add Payout Information in facebook for Instant articles

In this article, we are going to discuss how to add payout information in Facebook audience network. Because most of the publishers who have approved instant article has reached the payout threshold of p[ayment. Most of them confused about how to get paid through Facebook. here I have given how to fill payment information facebook audience network to receive earning of instant articles. If you don’t know about Facebook audience network the read description below.

Facebook Audience Network is an advertising platform for advertisers and publishers. Advertisers advertise through Facebook audience network on Facebook and publishers shows this ad on their Facebook apps. So Publishers monetize their apps with Facebook audience network.

Recently Facebook released their new feature called instant articles. Publishers can post content of their website in the form of instant articles and can monetize it by showing ads through the Facebook audience network.

So if you have reached payment threshold of instant articles earning and yet not filled payout information then follow steps given below.

Facebook Audience Network Payout Information

  • Go to and select your app.
  • Choose Audience Network from the Products list on the left and then click Payout.
  • Click Create/Select Payout to enter info for your business.
  • After that, you will see the image like below.
  • Now fill various details like company details, tax details etc.
  • Select your country and fill tax information country wise.
  • If you are from India and doesn’t have tax registration numbers like vat or GST number then choose tax id type as a Tax ID (other) and enter your pan card number in as a Tax ID Number.
  • No payment information is to be filled under the payment info tab or in some cases it will be under the accounts tab. ( for me it is under accounts tab )
  • Choose your payment method. There are two payment methods. One is paid through PayPal account and other is directly deposited in your bank account. So choose it to give your information.
  • For bank deposits provide your name, bank name, Swift/BIC Code and account number.
  • It is compulsory to provide Swift/BIC Code of the bank. If you don't know then search on the internet every branch of the bank has unique Swift/BIC code. This code is different from Ifsc code so don’t put Ifsc code call the bank and ask for Swift/BIC Code.
  • All other information is easy to fill.
  • if you have any doubts comment below.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

May 19, 2020

Amazing functions of window 8 on iphones and tablets

Windows 8 is easily downloadable on phones and iPad. The customers would find tons of potential features while enjoying the same.

1. Window 8- a virtual screen: window 8 enables you to select any photo and fix it on the start screen. Users can customize the screen the way they want. You enjoy moving things around the screen, categorize apps and semantic zoom, and put up all favorite people and websites to commence with the start screen.

2. Faster and multitasking: for tablets, iPad, and iPhones window 8 is a boon. You can simply swipe stuff at the click of the note and open as well as close the files very swiftly. Even if you access multiple pages, you can shift the earlier one at the corner of the screen and then pull back when you want to work with the same.

3. Latest updates for the address book:  window 8 is capable of managing with the address book wonderfully. As soon as you upload any new contacts, it duplicates the copy. Additionally, you can also set up the same contacts at different places, for instance windows live, exchange, and Facebook. Besides this, there is a regular update on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

4. Swifter access to settings:  There are different ways to connect to Wi-Fi. Just by fixing up a few settings app, and moving them from the right side to the left side you can access the setting app. While working on the tap, you can easily manage the settings. Right from the volume to the brightness of the screen, everything is done with a blink of an eye.

5. Attaching files and sending via iPhones and iPad: you might be thinking what’s new about it? Yes, this feature is introduced by the android earlier, yet it is more advanced. You can simply send e-mail and photos or documents by using the file picker applications. Window 8 gives you amazing security where the third party cannot attach anything to the existing files.

6. Window supports internet explorer 10:  the reincarnation of the internet explorer, i.e internet explorer 10. This is one of the fastest browsers that support to download any site in 4.3 seconds. This facility is incredible for iPhones and iPad.

7. Window 8 and virtual keyboard:  With window 8, you do not need any traditional keywords. To add, there are plenty of key shortcuts, such as win c is used for charm menu, win D for desktop, and winZ for the app bar.

8. Window 8 supports many devices to work with:  you can add numerous devices to window 8. Right from the iPad to the ios, one can also plug in the USB drive, keyboard, printer, and camera. Window 8 is easy to access and even if you are working on a PC or laptop, it is easy to compatible with
May 19, 2020

Top 10 Most Useful Sites To Download Scripts

The computer programs which are executed by the user’s browser on the client-side instead of server-side are referred to as client-side scripting. Such scripting is very important for enabling web page scripting and Dynamic HTML concept.

The major benefit of using the Client-Side scripting is that no matter which language is used in writing the script, it is supported by HTML. The client-side scripting is used by the developers to improve or beautify their HTML documents.

Scripting is very helpful to create the dynamic HTML WebPages. Developers also use the client-side scripting to make interactive websites. So if you want to start your website with dynamic HTML WebPages all you need to do is download some most useful scripts. The best place to get these scripts is the internet. Many different websites provide script downloads. Below is a list of such websites :

1. The Script Library
This website has a huge collection of scripts of about 10887 scripts. The script library on this website includes the scripts of many different code languages like Python, Javascript, VBScripts, and Powershell. You can get any script you wish to add to your website.

2. PHP Junkyard
This is one of the most favorite websites of web developers as it contains all the necessary scripts. The best part is that all the scripts are free to download and use. PHP Junkyard not just provides the scripts but also the explanatory tutorials explaining the PHP resources.

3. GScripts
This website is the next favorite of the web developers as it has a great collection of useful scripts that include PHP e-commerce, PHP Forum, CMS, and some other useful open-source scripts. Web developers love to get scripts from GScripts because it gives them the chance to test the scripts before downloading it. It also has more than 45 CMS which you can use for your MYSQL/PHP site.

4. Perl Scripts Java Scripts
If you are looking for the Java scripts particularly or a Perl script, you better try Perl Scripts Java Scripts website. All the scripts on this website are tested comprehensively and are of the best quality. You just need to fill a form in the site and once you accept the terms and conditions of the sites, you can demand any script you like. The script will be sent to you by email.

5. Script Dungeon
This website has a vast compilation of scripts that include all the required scripts like Java Scripts, ASP Scripts, PHP scripts, and many other utilities required to make dynamic websites. If you have some scripts which you want to share with the world, you can also upload your script in Scripts Dungeon.

6. Hot Scripts
This website has the scripts of about 1000 different languages and categories. HotScripts includes XML, Python, Javascript, Java, HTML, Flash, Perl, CGI, CMFL, C++, ASP, Ruby on Rails, and Ajax.

7. CGI Script
This website has some paid and some free scripts. However the paid ones are also tagged with a very minimal and affordable price. If you are still not comfortable buying a script you can select any script from the free scripts section. All of them are easy to download and install.

8. Script Copy
If you want to make an automated website, all you need is a perfect and accurate PHP script. You may get such scripts from the Script Copy website. You may find some suggestions as well as some references here which may help you in selecting the correct script for your website.

9. Sitescripts
This website has more than 6000 different scripts designed and developed in some very commonly used languages like Perl, ASP, and PHP. It also has some scripts in rare languages like ColdFusion.
10. Scripts
This website has a very big library having 15000 scripts written in some very simple languages like ColdFusion Java, and ASP.
I have tried to incorporate all the websites providing free scripts downloading. If you know about any such website, please do add them to this list.